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Planning to interface LR Timelapse Intervalometer with a DIY Motorized Slider

#1 MarkLongos

I recently motorised a slider using what was taught on this video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqI7KEhPVB8&t=468s and was able to attach a digital timer relay to sort of define the stop and move time. I was planning to make it a stop-shoot-move slider by interfacing it with either LRTimelapse intervalometer or thru Qdslrdashboard.
Being a non-electronics person that I am, I would like to know if there are some of you that has successfully done it because I think I hit a blank wall on how to do it.

Would appreciate if you have thoughts on the subject.

Thanking you in advance

#2 gwegner
Maybe you could join with Hans, he is working on something like this. Use Google Translator to translate his german post: https://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-ste...-pro-timer
Maybe you could continue here in the English forum.
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#3 Sheeba
Hi Mark,

Gunter just gave me the Link to your thread, based on my thread, where I’m introduced my resend project “Stepper Motor Controller for LRTimelapse Pro Timer”. I have checked out the Youtube Video. It looks quit complicated to me. So you are using a DC motor on your slider. In that case the Controller introduced in my thread would not work with your motor. Before I have developed a Timelapse motor controller working with DC motors. Here you can see my Controller in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwPpeX5Mp4g
This video shows my first version of TL Motor controller. In the meantime I have designed Version 2 with more and better functions. The Controller is designed to work with a 12V geared DC motor and max speed of 30 RPM. Using a motor with any other speed would also work, but with different timing. With this controller you can continuously drive your slider in both directions with adjustable speed. For a move shot move function you just have to connect a Camera remote timer i.e. Pixel T3 or using the LRTimelapse Pro Timer. After each shot, the slider will move a distance you have adjusted before on the controller. It is very easy to setup a Timelapse sequence. Just program the interval and the number of shots, start the timer and the motor will stop moving at the end of the sequence. Using my controller would make your installation very easy. Just connect the motor to the controller, attach a 12V Battery and a Timer (Intervalometer) and have fun with your Timelapse Video.
Some more I just got in my mind:
You could also use a wireless timer like Pixel T9 where the receiver is connected to the controller.
The delay function of the timer could be used to setup your system and start it to any later time.
If you plan to extend your system by one more axis: I’m using a Syrp genie mini for the panning function, connect my controller between the genie and the camera. The genie shoots the camera after each angle step and my controller uses the shot signal to move the slider. Works perfect!!
Mark, I hope I could help you a little bit.
If you would be interested to buy my TL Motor controller just write me an Email.
#4 MarkLongos
Hi Hans

I apologize for the late reply, I wasnt aware that both of you and Gunther replied on that silly idea.
I like your implementation (very much like it) though and very much interested in it however buying and moving products from your place to my country will be taxed heavily.
I have an idea though, what if I just buy the schematics, wiring diagram, parts list and code ( if there are) so that I can replicate it here in my country instead?
let me know what you think.

I chose the DC motors though for a higher torque especially on angled shoot and my camera and lenses are both heavy.
#5 Sheeba
Hi Mark,
Thank you for your answer. First a question, in which country do you live?
I will gladly provide you with the wiring diagram, parts list and PCB layout.
But maybe you'll look at my Stepper Motor Version:
I use a stepper motor with gearbox and can thus move a heavy camera vertically.
The solution with stepper motor has many advantages:
Accurate positioning of start and end position.
Step size of the stepps is calculated automatically
Speed ​​independent of the supply voltage
Functions like Distance Ramping
.... etc
The software is constantly expanding and can easily be downloaded to the hardware.
I am currently working on a software extension that allows to make 2 and 3 axes TL. In addition I use one or two Syrp genie mini for the Pan and Tilt. And the genie mini controls the interval of the Pro Timer !!
I've built a small series of my Timlapse Stepper Motor Controller (TLSMC) and it's now in use 12 times. I can gladly deliver you a kit. Let's check how shipping to your country would be possible. But I also like to provide you with all the necessary documents.
Check the link above for more details

Greetings Hans
#6 Sheeba
Hi Mark,
I have attached schematics of the DC-Version and the Stepper Motor Version. I hope you can handle it
Greetings Hans
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.pdf   TLMC_V2_circuit.pdf (Size: 140.35 KB / Downloads: 51)
#7 MarkLongos
Hi Hans! The 1st TLMC iteration looked cool and robotic! will explore on that TLMC with stepper motor

...also check out: