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Pro Timer Free Max 2 with TFT display and battery charger

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, hello people,
Since I worked on the development of the Pro Timer, I always had the desire to use a better display with more options. Unfortunately, there was no corresponding module on the market. So I decide to do it myself !!!
I then added a battery charging module for the 9V battery to the PTM board. This allows the internal battery to be charged via the external power supply connector. Details can be found in the attached PDF.
For questions or needs just PM or Email me.
Best regards,
Attached Files

.pdf   LRT_Pro_Timer_MAX_2_en.pdf (Size: 759.38 KB / Downloads: 8)
.zip   LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_MAX_TFT1_17.zip (Size: 34.94 KB / Downloads: 4)
#2 yimiblu
You are doing an extraordinary job. Your project evolves faster than we can assimilate: D But in each innovation you are reaching a very interesting product. I continue with the first versions, and I will be able to update myself soon, but even with the first versions, the possibilities are very great! thanks Hans! ^ _ ^
#3 Sheeba
Javi, thank you for your nice feedback !!

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