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Pro Timer Free MAX as a DIY project

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, hello people,
After I published my thread the Pro Timer Free MAX, I got some requests, if it is also possible to build the PTM with a normal Arduino MEGA 2560 board. Yes, that is possible. Anyone who is willing and able to solder like the original Pro Timer free can build the PTM with standard modules consisting of a MEGA 2650 and a Keypad Display Shield. In the attached PDF you will find all necessary details.
You can find the firmware (V1.15) in the thread of the PTM.
If you prefer my version of the PTM and willing and able to solder more, I offer unpopulated PCBs (8 more) my first version of the PTM for 6 €. Just PM or email me!
Have fun assembling the PTM DIY.
Best regards,
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