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problem with individual transitions

#1 Kers
I am busy with a timelapse where the holy grail and the deflickering go partly wrong .

the reason is:

The subjects luminance is changing a lot. It is a natural change that has to be preserved.

my camera has shot this part in manual mode without changing anything.
The contant factor of choice is now the camera exposure.

So now i want to set the HGlum leveling and deflickering for this part to lineair.

somehow i cannot do it.

i selected the group of images that need to be changed.
in the column heads only HG lum and deflickering are set to ON
i choose individual transitions and press on lineair

nothing happens...

i can do it manually one by one - but that takes a long time...
#2 gwegner
HG Lum is an internal parameter, that LRT uses for Holy Grail and Deflicker also. You cannot apply a transition to those values.
I don't know exactly your sequence and what is the deal with it, but you should be able to fix it the regular way, by using deflicker and a proper reference area. The reference area for deflicker is exactly what you use to separate natural changes in luminosity from flicker. Check out my deflicker tutorial.
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