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some tests from my upcoming video

#1 yostopia
Gunther, thank you again for creating this amazing tool. It would be crazy difficult to do these things without it.

Here are a few shots from the piece I'm working on... Being up there continuously for days and nights hovering above the SF Bay Area has been such an incredible experience and I've always wanted to share it with others. Now I can. In 2-3 weeks the piece ought to be completed...

password: lookout
#2 gwegner
Very cool. Looking forward to see the finished video!
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#3 yostopia
(2012-08-20, 21:16)gwegner Wrote: Very cool. Looking forward to see the finished video!

Me too! There's a bunch of non-TL stuff in there as well, in the more conventional documentary part. Keeping it under 5-6 minutes is going to be the challenge.

Hey, there's more than double the shots in that collection in the above link now. It's phenomenal how fast it is to process this stuff in LRT2.

...also check out: