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Using a modified cable and LRT Pro Timer 2.5

#1 gs87nt
Hi there!

I would like to know if the LRT Pro Timer 2.5 can be used with a cable modified, I mean a cable without autofocus connection!

#2 gwegner
It works, but I'd not recommend to do so, since the LRT Pro Timer has a sophisticated management of the AF-Signal and uses it very targeted to wake up DSLM cameras for example. Apart from that you can control the usage of the AF-Signal via the timer settings. I've explained the configuration in the manual: https://lrtimelapse.com/lrtpt/advanced-features/
Bottomline: to unleash the full potential of the LRT Pro Timer, use a standard (not hacked) release cable.
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#3 gs87nt
Thanks Gunther!

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