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What to watch out for when looking for a slider?

#1 Jiheffe

Currently doing timelapses using LRT Pro Timer 2.5 and qDSLRDashboard/ControlMyCamera, mainly with a 5D MkIV.

I'm now in the market for some more, and looking for a slider. I noticed huge price differences, with known brands starting at 1000+ EUR and much more, and on the other hand stuff on Amazon at arround 200 GBP...

So, what makes the difference and what should I be looking at when selecting my slider? Things that come to my mind:

- Sturdyness
- Ability to be triggered by LRT Pro Timer, Promote Control, ...
- Upgradable (E.g. add additional panning axis later)

Also, any opinion on the moveshootmove.com rotator and astro tracker? Would that be a panning option combined with a slider ?

Thnx for your advise!

#2 MMeier
You should take a look at the slider of Black Forest Motion (blackforestmotion.com). They offer a system up to four axis.
I have the moveshotmove rotator but only used it as an astro tracker. It is a stand-alone gadget and cannot be controlled with the pine controller from BMF hence slider and panning rotator cannot be controlled from the same source.
Best regards
#3 Jiheffe
Hi Monica,

Thnx ! Yes, this BFM stuff seems worth to look at. Would a typical setup include the Pine controller to program the gliding and panning, and a timer such as LRT Pro Timer (which I already own) to trigger the camera? Plus qDSLRDashboard to control the camera settings during a holy grail shoot :-)

#4 MMeier
Hi Jean-Fran├žois

The most simple set up for me to get some motion in my TL is to use the slider and pine from BFM and my iPhone. With the app I can control the settings for the controller such as intervals and the motion of the slider. The camera will be triggered by the pine in this setup.

I use the qDSLRDashboard together with the slider/pine when I want to do a holy grail. The camera will be triggered by the pine in this setup.

I use the LRT Pro Timer together with the slider/pine and qDSLRDashboard when I want to do a holy grail followed by interval ramping. The interval ramping is used to ramp the interval for example after the sunset until it gets dark. Then I put the pine into slave mode and the camera is triggered by the LRT Pro Timer.

I use the LRT Pro Timer in all cases where I have no motion control to trigger the camera. Of course with qDSLRDashboard for holy grails.

Best regards
#5 Jiheffe
Thnx, very helpful. I guess I will break the bank for the BFM 2-Axis bundle slider + pan + Pine :-)
#6 MMeier
You are welcome:-) Their pan/tilt is also very good and the tools work perfectly together and if you like to upgrade to 3-axis at a later stage you could easily do.

...also check out: