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Adding Bulb Ramping to LRtimelapse pro timer

#1 tchaikovski
Dear gwegner
     Hello friends, well i am developing a bulb ramping algorithm to add it in LRTPT to add new feature to this incredible timer, special thanks to Gwegner for the idea, the main purpose of this work is to link the ramping SMS mode with bulb ramping for an effect of accelerated or decelerated Night to Day timelapse and have a great amount of handling in a low budget equipments in a field and professional work. I will upload the code when i finish it soon. Which me good luck guys.
#2 gwegner
Hi, thanks for your interest in adding features to the LRT Timer. However, Bulb ramping is not a feature that I consider being a good idea (otherwise I would have added it already on my own). You can find my reasons here: https://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-is-...ime-lapses

But of course, feel free to implement it and see for yourself. It's just nothing I'd add to the standard.
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