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circurmstances under which holy grail corrections are not applied?

#1 chasg
Hi All,

I'm editing a sequence that has many exposure adjustments in it. Applied all steps in Visual Workflow as usual and, when generating Visual Previews, they are showing all jumps in exposures, like they would if I had not used the Holy Grail Wizard.

I reinitialised and started again, same problem, I restarted LR and cleared all timelapse editing in LRT, same problem.

I know I can deflicker this sequence, but I'm much more used to a smooth-ish preview curve, this is unusual for me.

Are there circumstances under which the exposure change compensations generated by the Holy Grail Wizard are not actually saved to xmp (to then be applied in LR?).

A weird one, especially as I edited 3 sequences yesterday from the same shoot, with no unusual behaviour.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

#2 gwegner
Usually the Holy Grail adjustments should be applied. Reasons why they could break could be:
1) You deleted or added gradients -> you should always use the provided 4 linear gradients and not delete any of those
2) You edited very strong, in that case the adjustments will be applied, but smaller Zig-Zag lines will remain - you might then be able to smooth them out via deflicker.

In any case: to check if the holy grail adjustments have been applied, you can do the following:
1) make a screenshot of the pink curve after you edited and applied visual previews.
2) right click on the column header "HG Lum Leveling" and choose initialize - this will remove all holy grail adjustments.
3) Save and wait for the visual previews to get redone.
4) compare the pink curve now with the screenshot - now you are developing without any HG adjustments.
5) reapply the HG Wizard, save. This should recreate the orange curve and redo the visual previews with the HG applied.
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#3 chasg
Thanks Gunther, very good info.

I can confirm that I only used the gradients (and radial filters) that were automatically generated.

Good advice on comparing pink curves. The two curves are different, but not very much. It's a mystery. Some severe, and repeated, deflicker cycles has given me a usable sequence, but it's still a mystery (I edited another 4 sequences today, no problems: all acting normal).

Thanks again, I really appreciate the time you take to help us all out.

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