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Ease in/out effect with Pro Timer

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, Hello Pro Timer Friends,
with all intervalometers, as well as with the (previous) Pro Timer, the TL Video begins and ends abruptly!
I own a panorama head genius mini from Syrp, in which there is a function Ease in/out. There the angle per shot is continuously raised over an adjustable period of time and then lowered again at the end, which produces a very nice effect. In my Motion Motor Controller TLSMC I implemented a similar function "Distance Ramping". Now I have considered making this feature synonymous for a "normal" timelapse. In my alternative Pro Timer firmware as well as in my Pro Timer MAX firmware, I have implemented a function in which you can set in how many shots the interval of the set Min Dark Time is rampt to the set interval. In this video:
you can look at the Ease in / out effect. The Pro Timer was set as follows:
min Dark Time: 0.2 sec.
Interval: 6.0 sec.
No of shots: 750
Ease in / out shots: 75
Thus, the interval of 0.2 sec was continuously increased to 6 sec within 75 shots and shut down again during the last 75 shots. Due to the possibility to set the min Dark Time, you can also set the start interval for Ease in/out. The number of shots for Ease in/out is limited to 1/3 of the set No of shots. If no No of shots (unlimited) are set in the TL sequence, only one Ease is offered in function. If you find out during the TL that the video should be longer, because something is going on, you can extend the video in the Running screen under "No of shots inc" and Ease out will be executed at the end.
I have updated the firmware for the Pro Timer and the Pro Timer MAX and in my threads:
https://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-alt...ion-manual and
updated. I would be happy to get some feedback.
Greetings Hans

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