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How do you Handle File / Folder Naming and Organization?

#1 HelloWill
We have a small video team that shoots mainly b-roll footage for our internal companies to use.  We are in the final stages of solidifying a timelapse / hyperlapse workflow, and I need some feedback from the pros who've been there, done that.  

  • When you offload your images, where do you save them?  What do you name the folder?
  • If you shoot multiple sequences on the same card, at what point do you split them?
  • Do you rename your files?  Do you do it before or after processing with LRTimelapse? 
  • What is your file naming convention?
  • When you export a high-quality master prores, do you find yourself going back to edit the RAW images?
  • Do you export from LRTimelapse or use something like Adobe After Effects?
I'm thinking of naming based on subject matter, with an \Image Sequence\RAW Original\Card 01, 02, etc and \Image Sequence\Processed Sequence\Sequence 1\ etc subfolders.

Pardon my noobish questions, but I'm new to time lapse and want to make sure we are doing things in a smart way so we don't waste a lot of time and energy doing things that don't matter.

If you could go back in time and change anything about your time lapse workflow, what would it be? 

Are there any other tools (free or paid) that make life easier?

I have the LRTimelapse book, and we have the pro version of the plugin.
#2 MMeier

This might help in regard of naming and splitting sequences:


I render my sequences in LRT and use Premiere Pro to put different timelapse sequences together to a video.

Best regards

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#3 gwegner
I'd recommend to use the LRTimelapse importer, it will bring all images from one memory card to one folder and rename the images with Date/Time. After imporing you can split the sequences. The whole process is streamlined for efficiency.
Please watch the tutorials, especially the 2nd "Import and split sequences". https://lrtimelapse.com/tutorial/
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