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How to use Auto Holy Grail with DslrDashboard

#111 glim1989
Just tested the app a couple nights ago on my D750 for a sunset.
I followed all the steps, but the frames got dark really fast, to the point where I could not recover any details in the shadows.
I clicked the "+" button as instructed, however did not see any difference. I even clicked it 9 times in one go. No difference.

The app was sampling images, and I could see the shutter speed and ISO changing as it got darker. Just not fast enough.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?
#112 gwegner
If you are close to the equator, maybe you need to use shorter intervals. Make also sure that the camera has enough time to write the image, transmit the previews and process the commands to change its settings. You can also set qDDB in the settings on the LRT screen to read out every 2nd instead of every 3rd image.
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