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Mac: Alternative to LRTimelapse package

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Hi Gunther,

I would love to integrate LRTimelapse properly to the package manager Homebrew (https://brew.sh). Each time I update LRTimelapse, the provided package install routine messes up my linked binaries in /usr/local/bin by overwriting ffmpeg and exiftool from Homebrew.

There is already a formula defined for LRTimelapse (https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-cas...melapse.rb). However, it uses the provided package and yields no benefit over a manual install.

I would like to improve the formula to:
1. Specify dependencies (ffmpeg, exiftool, Adobe DNG Converter and maybe Java) within the brew formula
2. Install all necessary Lightroom addons with the brew formula

For that to work, I need a zip file containing the App and the Lightroom Addons hosted on lrtimelapse.com. I suggest adding the Java dependency in a future release. I couldn't test it locally, because I think Gatekeeper is blocking Apps downloaded from localhost.

Bare in mind, that I'm new to developing Homebrew formulas. There might be some roundtrips Smile

P.S. I've also noticed that the script "Uninstall LRTimelapse.command" supplied in the dmg, does miss the remove command for "LRTExport5.lrplugin".



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