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#1 bert00
Helle I use LRTL many times, is realy works great !
But today I try to make a movie from 3100 raw photos .
I also try with a small amount of photos

Use a windows 10 pc

I get no exif info and no previef.
I check de FAQ.
Reinstall LR 5.1.1.
Exception the LRT map and the exiftool in defender.
No result...

Still have the error could not communicatie to exiftool in the log file also a error for the preview
Yesterday everything works fine.

What can I do ?
#2 gwegner
Restart your computer. Launch only LRTimelapse and reload the sequence. Wait until the whole process ended including loading Metadata etc. Check the log for any error (info menu). Check also that you don't get any memory problems after loading the long sequence (indicator on top right of the LRT window). If the problems persist, send me the log file.
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