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Sony a7r II NOT auto ramping iso

#1 ThomasMorkeberg
QDslrDashboard is not auto ramping my iso when I try to make a auto holy grail, with my Sony a7r II. It just stays at the max shutterspeed that I have set.

Is this a common issue?
#2 gwegner
I think since this is a technical question about a special camera and qDslrDashboard, you should ask this to Zoltan (the developer) on http://dslrdashboard.info
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#3 hubaiz
Be sure to set the Min/Max ISO value (even if you use the default value) before starting the capture.
#4 ThomasMorkeberg
Thank you. That worked. I just used the default iso 3200 course that’s the value I wanted Smile
#5 rruiz
I also have a Sony a7rii
Can you please let me know what settings you have?

+ Camera and App are connected, but if I change values on App, no changes are applied to camera (If I change camera, values are reflected on App)
+ I can´t change MAX Iso value. If I clic the button, the field is clear and can´t enter a value
+ The EV+ value reflected on App is not real compared what the camera has.

CONCLUSION>>> I can´t work with it
#6 rruiz
This guy has closed the Chat for Sony. No latest posts for Sony can be found Sad

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