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My motion controller shortlist - am I right?

#1 Jetstream Rider
I'd like a rail and motion controller. I have seen some threads here and looked at what I can find.  I really need something compact and light - I travel with work and want to shoot time lapse while I am away and I am restricted on having the rail in my suitcase and not being weighed down with lots of kit. My budget isn't massive.  I know I am probably asking for the Moon on a stick, but some of the constraints are well beyond my control.

At the moment it looks like a Syrp fits the bill, and any sort of rail - so I can find a rail that is light and extendable, so that it comes apart and can be put in a suitase. The eMotimo looks great, but I think it is too bulky for my needs.  I have access to cheap rails in China, so if I can find a smooth carbon one, then the Syrp seems to inteface via the rope with it ok.

Is my thinking right?  Is there something better for portability, that still gives 2 axis control?

I have seen something similar to a Rhinogear (see other thread) - that looks good, but it seems has disadvantages of not being able to see the screen in the daylight, and not be able to do vertical tracking? I think the software has been updated now to allow you to set the interval, so that issue has been overcome?

Am I right in my thinking, or should I be looking at a different solution?  I have the bits for Gunther's controller so I can make one of those too.

Thanks for any advice.
#2 latsap
Dynamic Perceptions make modular track.
I started with 6 feet of it and have been adding as I need.
Here's a link to a vertical test over 6 feet - we'll be doing some much longer ones over the next month.

I like their system and it can pack down in the 20/40 or 60 inch lengths so very portable.
#3 KidsOfAllAges
I would recommed an open solution like the NMX controller that basically controls any stepper motor. Syrp and Rhino are great , but very limited in terms of extendability. Get a NMX, basically any stepper driven slider, like the DP S1 or S0 and a rotary axis, like the Nic-O-Tilt (http://kids-of-all-ages.de/motion-contro...ilt-bundle) and you are all set. I personally cut a DP S0 rail to 60 cm so it fits in any suitcase. The rail itself is inexpensive (depening on where you live), so having a short and long one might be a good idea. If you have more budget, the DP S1 is a great slider that easily folds down into a suitcase or backpack.

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#4 Jetstream Rider
Thanks very much.

Where is the motor for controlling the slide? Is it in the Nic-O-Tilt? I can see that there are motors there for the tilt or pan, but does it include a slider motor too? Sorry if thats a stupid question, I just can't work out that bit.

I take it the batteries are all built in too?

Thanks again.

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